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SC Labs Expands Into Southern California

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Dec 08, 2022   
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The multi-state SC Labs is expanding further into its home state, California.

The lab plans to build a 12,000-square-foot facility in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Much like its Santa Cruz counterpart, the new facility will conduct cannabis testing, “providing faster turnaround times to process samples for customers south of Santa Barbara.”

“We are thrilled to bring more high-quality testing to a wider swath of the Golden State,” Jeff Journey, CEO of SC Labs, said in a statement.

“With this expansion, we are doubling down on California as a leading market that we believe has the regulatory oversight to enforce proper testing requirements. We’re excited to get to work in Southern California supporting even more customers with the high-quality, accurate testing they need as this market continues to mature and grow.”

“Our customers have been asking us to open a Southern California lab for years and we’re excited to finally deliver on that ask,” added Jeff Gray, co-founder and chief innovation officer of SC Labs.

“This new state of the art lab more than doubles our California testing capacity, enabling us to do more R&D, and more importantly, provides ample and excess testing capacity for all of our customers.”

SC Labs recently expanded its reach to cover California, Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado, after rebranding the pre-existing lab companies of Agricor and Botanacor (in Colorado) and Can-Lab (in Michigan).

“We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand our network across the US,” Journey told Analytical Cannabis earlier this year.

“And we think having a national testing network brings a lot of value to our customers, for both hemp and cannabis, so that they can access a broader range of testing resources and improved data delivery.”


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