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MyDx, Highsmen Genetics Partner on Cannabis Strains Tailored for Specific Effects

Published: Jan 08, 2018   
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MyDx has announced it has agreed on terms and entered into a Letter of Intent to partner with Highsmen Genetics to form a new Exclusive Joint Venture. The technology behind Highsmen to develop stable customized genetic strains for certain effects is expected to help MYDX360 customers realize additional brand loyalty through end-user input in the MyDx App that will now influence the flower breeding programs that power the product lines they are consuming.

"Imagine there was a technology to create a custom cannabis flower that is highly effective to treat lower back pain, anxiety, or sleep disorders. That's what we're working towards," stated Daniel Yazbeck, CEO of MyDx. "We are very excited to exclusively partner with the Highsmen team because we believe their unique approach to genetic profiling through stable breeding will help us achieve this goal as MyDx continues to grow one of the largest preclinical databases in the world that ties cannabis chemistry to end user feedback," concluded Mr. Yazbeck.

"Our partnership allows us to define genetics exclusive for each client, gain direct patient consumer feedback towards that strains profile and build a layer of trust that you can have the same consistent experience each time you consume cannabis," stated Joe Floyd, Founder and President of Highsmen Genetics.  "It also opens the door for known personalities, athletes and those who may be cautious to step in the cannabis space a safe way to brand their own strain and distribute it directly into the cannabis market," concluded Mr. Floyd.

Initial Aims of the Collaboration 

Initially, Highsmen and MyDx will focus on producing a stable 1:1 THC to CBD genetic line developed by HIGHSMEN.  The goal is to be able to produce a custom flower strain with custom cannabinoids and terpenes that can be tailored for specific end use applications, such as sleep or pain relief, which will power natural products developed and offered to MyDx360 customers.

MyDx will continue the breeding program with HIGHSMEN with the goal of creating a custom flower strain for every physiological effect MyDx and its MyDx360 customers are seeking for their respective markets, backed by customer feedback via the MyDx App.  MyDx360 customers are also expected to be able to leverage the combined networks of licensed producers and manufacturers to produce the necessary volumes of customized flower at more cost efficient prices.

Additionally, MyDx will equip HIGHSMEN with the CannaDx handheld analyzer and tracking App in order to catalog the genetic lines, strain lineage, input from consumers, and chemical makeup that function within the breeding program.

MyDx360 customers are expected to able to utilize this service in products as soon as the first quarter of 2018 with custom flower being deployed as early the second quarter of 2018.

This article has been republished from materials provided by MyDx. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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