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Michigan Regulators Recall Cannabis Products Due to Testing Concerns

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Nov 23, 2021    Last Updated: Nov 24, 2021
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Authorities in Michigan have recalled all marijuana products – except for inhalable concentrates – tested by Viridis Laboratories, a cannabis lab company in Michigan.

Failing the test

In its recent health and safety advisory bulletin, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) said that it had identified “inaccurate and/or unreliable results of products” tested at Viridis, which is currently under MRA investigation.

The affected products include almost all cannabis items tested by Viridis, bar vape carts, live resin, distillates, and other concentrates intended for vaporizing.

The products were tested between August 10, 2021, and November 16, 2021.

Speaking to MLive.com in response to the MRA investigation, representatives from Viridis remarked that, “While we strongly disagree with this decision and firmly stand by our test results, we are fully cooperating with the MRA and working closely with our customers to minimize interruptions and retest affected products at no cost.”

As of November 22, the Viridis team were reportedly suing the MRA, calling the recall “unjustified, prejudiced and retaliatory” in a 200-page complaint filed to the Michigan Court of Claims. According to the lab's suit, the recall caused an estimated $229 million disruption to the state's industry.

Health information

Any consumer with affected products in their possession has been advised to return them to their original place of purchase for proper disposal.

The MRA warns that “Consumers with weakened immune systems or lung disease are at the highest risk for health-related incidents such as aspergillosis, which can impact lung function, if these potentially harmful products are consumed.”

Any consumer experiencing adverse reactions from the products has been advised to report their symptoms to both a doctor and the MRA.

Back in September of this year, the MRA recalled several batches of cannabis products due to pesticide contamination via a mechanical trimmer machine.


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