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Medicinal Genomics Launches New Aspergillus Assay for Cannabis Testing

Published: Feb 27, 2020   
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Medicinal Genomics Corp. (MGC), a pioneer in harnessing cannabis genomics to improve the agricultural productivity, safety, and transparency of cannabis, today announced its new PathoSEEK 5-Color Aspergillus Multiplex Assay that independently identifies four species of pathogenic aspergillus – A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, and A. terreus – on cannabis samples using just one qPCR reaction. This new aspergillus assay is the first and only qPCR multiplex that can satisfy the California Bureau of Cannabis Control's requirement to report which pathogenic aspergillus species are present on a cannabis sample.

Previous aspergillus multiplex assays could detect the four pathogenic species in the same qPCR channel. But in order to find which aspergillus species triggered the multiplex failure, labs must re-run the sample on four species-specific assays, eating up precious time and money.

The new PathoSEEK 5-Color Aspergillus Multiplex Assay uses different qPCR channels for each of the four pathogenic strains plus a positive cannabis control in a single qPCR reaction. This assay greatly simplifies testing, allowing labs to stock fewer reagents and deliver faster results, while saving money and maintaining the industry's highest levels of accuracy and sensitivity.

“Clearly, cannabis testing labs need all the help they can get. Regulations change constantly and vary from state to state, and the financial pressures are considerable. Under these conditions, it's difficult enough for labs to provide the best service to protect their customers and consumers,” saidBrendan McKernan, Medicinal Genomics CEO. “Our new PathoSEEK Multiplex Assay will help our customers streamline their testing regimens and cut costs, while giving them the opportunity to provide superior results – ahead of regulations that will eventually standardize and catch up to this technology.”

All Medicinal Genomics' PathoSEEK assays pass a rigorous manufacturer validation to show accuracy, precision, specificity, linearity, and limit of detection. The PathoSEEK Aspergillus 5-Color Multiplex Assay, for instance, is able to detect less than 5 genomic copies of target DNA and was tested against 30 organisms on the AOAC Aspergillus exclusivity list, including 12 non-pathogenic aspergillus species.

MGC's new Aspergillus 5-Color Multiplex Assays are available for use on the Agilent AriaMX and BioRad CFX96 platforms.

This article has been republished from material provided by Medicinal Genomics. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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