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‘Many’ Cannabis Samples Are Adulterated in Colorado, Says Regulator

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Jun 13, 2023   
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The cannabis regulator in Colorado has identified "many examples" of adulterated test batches, according to a recent notice.

In an industry bulletin published on June 2, the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) said that the cannabis samples were likely altered in order to pass the required tests carried out by third-party labs.

While the DOR didn’t name these found adulterants, it said that they could be identified from their discoloration (dark brown appearance), unusual smell, and “inconsistent texture” with the rest of the same harvest batch.

To crack down on the ‘adulterers’, the DOR is implementing a new rule. From July 1, all licensed cannabis labs in the state will be required to quarantine any suspicious test batches and notify the DOR of the apparent adulteration.

“The Division is working with Metrc to create a reporting adulteration option within the inventory tracking system to create efficiencies in the reporting process,” the DOR said in its bulletin on June 2.

“More information will be provided through an inventory tracking software bulletin as we approach July 1, 2023.”

However, when July 1 arrives, many labs in the state might just continue on as usual, as many already have practices in place for adulterated samples.

“This has been in the rules for a while now,” Stephen Goldman, chief science officer at Kaycha Labs, told Analytical Cannabis. “It’s not really a large issue anymore. A few cases per year.”


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