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Kaycha Labs Partners With NIST

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Oct 04, 2023   
Lab worker at desk with mass spec machine.

Image credit: Kaycha Labs

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Kaycha Labs, a multi-state cannabis testing company, has partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in an initiative to help standardize the measurements used by cannabis labs.

The collaboration is set to involve plant sample characterization (chemotype and contaminant testing), real time and accelerated stability studies for plant and concentrate material under various storage and packaging conditions, and tracking the appearance and frequency of contaminants (both chemical and viral) across multiple states.

“Through this partnership we expect many analytical challenges currently faced by the cannabis community to be addressed, including providing better tools for understanding the quality of measurements in cannabis,” Kaycha’s chief scientific officer, Stephen Goldman, said in a press release.

NIST has been actively assessing the US cannabis lab sector for the past few years. Since the launch of its Cannabis Quality Assurance program (CannaQAP) in 2020, it has gathered and re-tested hundreds of cannabis samples from commercial and forensic cannabis labs, in order to understand the methods used by the labs and their accuracy.

“We’ve been hearing throughout the industry [that if] you send a sample to three or four labs or more, you might get different values from all of them,” Brent Wilson, a research chemist at NIST and member of its CannaQAP, told Analytical Cannabis in 2020.

“So, the goal is to improve the analytical measurements that are being done in cannabis laboratories and forensic laboratories, to where we’re promoting good manufacturing practices and encouraging safe products,” he added.

Kaycha’s collaboration with NIST could help the federal institute in identifying and acquiring materials that may be then used in future CannaQAP studies and, when deemed necessary, as NIST reference materials for use as quality control and method validation tools.

“We are excited to collaborate with NIST, aiming to tackle significant challenges within our industry,” Kaycha’s president and co-founder, Chris Martinez, said in a statement.

“These joint efforts to develop reference materials and compare methods hold the potential to enhance analytical measurements and support those striving to establish best practices.”


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