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Heavy Metal Test Kits Ready for Cannabis Industry

Published: Jul 24, 2018   
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FluroTech, one of the leaders in cannabis quality control technology, has completed the test kits for cadmium, lead and mercury heavy metals. The heavy metal test kits, the heavy metal scope, and the CompleTest™ device will allow users to achieve fast, accurate, and consistent testing results in-house on a cost-effective basis. Results from each test are logged into our proprietary software and can be exported to external databases. Additionally, FluroTech’s training application teaches users how to conduct the tests in hours and allows supervisors to monitor staff’s progress and test results.

“Growing mediums, water, and plant nutrients may contain unsafe levels of heavy metals that can be transferred into the cannabis plant and when consumed can be harmful to humans,” explained Dr. Elmar Prenner, CTO at FluroTech. “Even when using cannabis with safe levels of heavy metals, extraction of cannabinoids may concentrate some heavy metals to unsafe quantities.”

Testing for cadmium, lead, and mercury is mandated by Health Canada with limits often in parts per million. FluroTech’s heavy metal testing solution can achieve more accurate results than the standards set by Health Canada, with measurement capability up to parts per billion.

“Identifying unsafe levels of heavy metals early on in the growing process or immediately prior to the extraction procedure, allows licensed producers and extractors to cut their losses, saving time and money,” said Danny Dalla-Longa, CEO at FluroTech.

The heavy metal test kits and scope, the portable and desktop CompleTest™ device will be available for sale in October 2018.

This article has been republished from materials provided by FluroTech. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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