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Health Canada to Streamline its Cannabis Licensing Process

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Apr 11, 2022   
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Canadian cannabis companies will soon be able to sell dried and fresh products during their initial licensing process.

As of April 19, Health Canada, the federal body that oversees cannabis legalization, will begin granting authorizations to micro- and standard-processing license holders to allow them to sell their products without needing to first submit a sales amendment application – which has been the standard practice up until now.

It’s hoped the change will help new license holders bring their products to market more quickly.

The amended process means that that existing license holders that aren’t authorized to sell dried and fresh cannabis products will be reissued with new conditions within 90 days.

The licensed companies will then have to wait 60 more days after their Notification of New Cannabis Products has been submitted to be able to sell products to provincial and territorial retailers.


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