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Green Scientific Labs Adopts LIMS Software

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Jul 26, 2022   
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Green Scientific Labs, the multi-state cannabis testing company, has adopted a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) for immediate use across all its labs.

In a company announcement, Green Scientific explained that the LIMS includes artificial intelligence to ensure each lab complies with state-specific regulations on certificates of analysis, real-time turnaround time tracking to identify bottlenecks, and real time audit logs that compile a record of events and changes within the software.

“There is a huge tech component to GSL’s testing process that sets us apart from other testing labs in the industry,” Michael Richmond, chairman of Green Scientific Labs, said in a statement.

“The LIMS that we built and used during the first three years of operations helped us service more than 1000 clients. In order to take Green Scientific Labs to the next level, support our rapid expansion, maintain turnaround times, and future proof ourselves for eventual FDA [Federal Drug Administration] style regulations, we needed to take everything we learned and create something special. That’s exactly what we did.”

Green Scientific Labs operates in Florida, Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and Illinois.

LIMS software has rapidly become a must-have feature for large-scale cannabis labs in recent years. Writing in Analytical Cannabis recently, Kimberly Ross, chief science officer at Peak Compliance, LLC, explained that “LIMS is the central nervous system of the lab, receiving data from instruments (and feedback from humans), processing information and making interpretations based on pre-defined calculations, and sending reports of the compiled inputs.”

“The LIMS also acts as the memory of the laboratory, a vast repository for all data generated over time. Some degree of customization is necessary based on the specific suite of instruments in the lab, the list of state-required analytes, and their action limits. A thoughtfully built-out LIMS can also act as a dispatch system for lab personnel - surfacing bottlenecks and issues earlier than otherwise possible in a ‘paper and whiteboard’ system. The value of the efficiency gained with a properly functioning, built-for-purpose LIMS cannot be overstated.”


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