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FRITSCH’s Cutting Mill “Optimized for Cannabis Processing”

Published: Oct 24, 2019   
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The FRITSCH Pulverisette 19 with cyclone is an efficient instrument to quickly comminute large volumes of cannabis. Plant material is fed into the FRITSCH Universal Cutting Mill Pulverisette 19 through a large funnel for fast throughput.

Due to an efficiently designed cutting geometry of the rotating cutting edges of the rotor and the fixed knives in the grinding chamber, the sample material is automatically moved and fragmented by shearing forces between the knives. The negative pressure in the cyclone ensures a continuous flow through the cutting rotor and the selected sieve cassette for precise final fineness in a narrow particle size range. It prevents sample material from escaping during feeding and opens up new possibilities in the cannabis processing. The high throughput of up to 60lbs per hour is supported by large collection vessels of up to 65 liters.

While you are still tightening the screws on other mills, your FRITSCH Cutting Mill is already clean.

The design of the grinding chambers in these mills results in minimal dead space and exchangeable sieve cassettes make operation and cleaning straightforward. Because the entire grinding chamber can be opened easily in seconds and both the rotor and the sieve can easily be removed with simple motions.

Only at FRITSCH Cutting Mills it is possible to lift open the entire top part of the housing as well as the front door – in fact, the door can be completely removed.

The result: a completely open and empty grinding chamber with minimal dead space for easy and quick cleaning – a secure protection against cross contaminations.

Advantages with the FRITSCH Pulverisette 19:

  • Adjustable rotational speed for different applications
  • Batch comminution without cross-contamination
  • Reproducible results
  • Minimal temperature increase
  • High throughput of up to 60 lbs/h
  • Fast homogenization of batches

Practical demo videos as well as further information can be found online at www.cannabis-milling.com

Up-dated information on the FRITSCH Cutting Mills for efficient sample preparation at www.fritsch-international.com/cutting-mills.

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