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EVIO Labs Prepares for Increase in California Cannabis Testing Requests

Published: Jun 21, 2018   
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In the months leading up to California's July 1 testing deadline, EVIO has expanded its presence within the state and is prepared for the increasing demand for testing services.

The regulations set forth by California's Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) state that beginning July 1, a licensed retailer may only sell cannabis goods that have met all state-mandated testing requirements.

EVIO Labs Berkeley, previously C3 Labs, is well-positioned to meet the increase demand for analytical testing services for regulated cannabis and is prepared for these heightened regulations. This facility is in the process of being ISO 17025 accredited—the highest recognized quality standard in the world for calibration and testing laboratories.

Along with EVIO Labs Berkeley, EVIO has expanded their footprint in California.  In May, the Company signed a lease for a 2,700 square foot facility in Los Angeles, where there are approximately 13.7 million adults over 21, and about 5.3 million already consuming cannabis. In April, the Company acquired Leaf Detective, LLC., the first licensed cannabis testing facility in Humboldt County. This strategic acquisition provides EVIO with a location within the Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States. Further plans for operational growth within the state with expansion, in addition to increasing personnel, will prove useful in the ongoing wake of testing needs after the July 1deadline as Los Angeles and Humboldt are slated to be ready by Fall 2018.

"The new regulations state that untested cannabis products cannot be sold by a retailer and must be destroyed, which poses great economic threat to both producers and dispensaries that have not prepared. Because of this, EVIO has been laser focused on expanding our footprint in the state to increase our capacity for more analyses," said Lori Glauser, COO of EVIO. "As the cannabis industry continues to transition from the black market into the light, EVIO is both well-prepared and committed to ensuring that consumers are receiving clean and safe products."

"We are getting inquiries about our services from dozens of high-profile distributors from across the state. Similarly, the number of potential clients with whom we are actively engaged in contracting discussions grows exponentially every day," stated Al Lustig, President of EVIO.  "With the pending July 1st deadline, the urgency with which distributors search for a cannabis testing laboratory will continue to grow and EVIO is not only ready to meet that demand, but to also exceed expectations in the delivery of our product. We are poised and well positioned to becoming a leader in the independent cannabis testing laboratory space."

Beyond the mandated testing required by the state of California, EVIO offers a full range of consulting services to make sure clients are prepared in every area of their business. EVIO consulting provides expertise and leadership in developing analytical services, operating procedures, product formulation, equipment acquisition plans, quality assurance system development, regulatory licensing and compliance and more to help clients elevate their businesses across the board.

This article has been republished from materials provided by EVIO Labs. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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