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Connecticut Regulators Confiscate Thousands of Delta-8 THC Products

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Apr 14, 2023   
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Police forces in Connecticut have confiscated thousands of delta-8 THC and THC-O products from three vape shops in the state.

In a press notice published on April 11, the state’s attorney general announced that he is preparing to take legal action against the three retailers in Stamford, CT, for alleged violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

“My message to retailers is clear—if you continue to sell unregulated, untested, illegal cannabis, I will hold you accountable,” Attorney General William Tong said in a statement.

“Fake Oreos, Cheetos, and Sour Patch Kids packed with THC put kids in danger and are not legal anywhere in Connecticut. In partnership with the Stamford Police Department, thousands of these illegal cannabis products have been confiscated and their sellers now face legal consequences.”

“I have sent letters to every licensed vape shop and publicized the law in every way that I can. There is zero excuse for the continued sale of these illegal, unregulated, and untested products.”

Under Attorney General Tong’s tenure, any products that exceed 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis – including delta-8 THC products – have been treated as cannabis by state authorities. And if these products are untested and sold without a legal cannabis license, then they could well be confiscated, and the retailers could face legal action.

The recent raids follow Attorney General Tong’s suing of five retailers in Connecticut for selling delta-8 THC products that mimicked popular snacks and candies.

The threat of delta-8 gummies

The threat delta-8 products pose, particularly to children, has been a growing area of concern within the legal cannabis industry for years.

Speaking toAnalytical Cannabis in 2021, Christopher Hudalla, chief scientific officer at the cannabis testing company ProVerde Labs, commented on the health and safety risks associated with the production of delta-8 THC, which is often converted from federally legal CBD.  

“It’s very easy to do in your garage,” he told Analytical Cannabis. “CBD is almost free. There’s so much oversupply of CBD that it’s very, very inexpensive.”

“And you can take that and, in your garage, convert it into delta-8. So there’s very good margins in it.”

“There’s no regulatory control,” he added. “And so we know children are consuming these products without any indication about how safe they are. That’s hugely irresponsible in my opinion.”


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