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Colorado Approves Six More Pesticides for Use on Cannabis

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Aug 18, 2020   
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The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has further updated its list of pesticides approved for use on cannabis crops.

Since early July, the state department has added six more pesticide products to the list, which now exceeds 400 compounds.

The new pesticides include:

  • The fungicide and mite suppressant Captain Jack's Neem Oil Ready to Use, produced by Bonide Products, LLC.
  • The insecticide Heligen, manufactured by AgBiTech Pty Ltd.
  • The plant growth regulator Magic Flower Bud Finisher & Pest Control, made by Magic Flower, LLC.
  • The garlic-based insecticide Pride Lands Defense, produced by GreenGro Biologicals.
  • The insecticide and fungicide Protection Plus, produced by EPA-Environmental Plant Management.
  • The fungicide and mite suppressant Seican, made by Summit Agro USA, LLC.

Following review from the state’s CDA, the pesticides were deemed safe to use in accordance with Colorado’s Pesticide Applicators’ Act.

The CDA warns that pesticide products can be removed from the allowed products list if the registrant has not renewed their pesticide product with the department.


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