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CannaSafe to Open New Labs in Oregon, Florida, and Illinois

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: May 07, 2020   

Aaron Riley, CEO (left), and Antonio Frazier, vice president of operations (right). Image courtesy of CannaSafe.

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The analytical services of CannaSafe, one of California’s larger cannabis testing lab companies, will soon be available in three more US states.

The company’s three new facilities will open in Oregon, Florida, and Illinois later this year.

Essential services

From its current lab in Los Angeles, California, CannaSafe tests marijuana products for both contaminants, such as vitamin E acetate, and desired qualities, like terpene levels.

As it remains federally illegal to ship marijuana products across state borders, the company has only ever tested cannabis samples from Californian companies, such as Stiiizy and Lowell Herb Co.

Now, with operations soon to open in two other states where recreational cannabis is legal (Oregon and Illinois) and one with legal medical cannabis access (Florida), the company can begin testing products from a whole new array of marijuana brands.

“We've had numerous inquiries from brands in these states to utilize CannaSafe's services, and we're excited to provide our expertise and best-in-class services in these new markets,” said Aaron Riley, CannaSafe’s CEO.

Riley, the former president of the company, was recently appointed its CEO following a mutually agreed buyout of the company's previous business partners.

“Cannabis testing is more important now than ever during these unprecedented times considering the steep spike in cannabis sales,” he said in a statement. “By opening additional laboratories, we are doing our best to persevere despite the circumstances and bring assurance to users.”

CannaSafe in times of corona

In addition to its multi-state expansion, CannaSafe also announced its headquarters will soon move to a new, 25,000-square-foot lab in Van Nuys, California.

Speaking to Analytical Cannabis back in March, Riley described the cleanliness and social distancing measures CannaSafe had adopted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We made a ton of sanitizer,” Riley said. “We made a sterilizing solution and we’ve just been completely over-compulsive about cleaning – every surface, every keyboard, every doorknob. We balanced out our shifts, so that people aren’t on top of each other [and can stand] six feet apart to be respectful of social distancing.”

Thanks to these new procedures and cannabis businesses being deemed “essential services” in California, CannaSafe’s operations have remained steady amid California’s lockdown.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it remains to be seen whether this stable business will continue, but Riley remains hopeful.

“Our continued services amid the Covid-19 pandemic is a prime example of our new mission and core values,” he wrote. “These are extremely tough times for society and we at CannaSafe are committed to supporting the cannabis supply chain and providing safe and high-quality products to cannabis users.”


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