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Cannabis Science Expands Agreement with Dana-Farber To Develop Cannabinoid-Based Medications

Published: Feb 05, 2018   
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Cannabis Science has entered into an expanded 5-year, $1.8 million Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with Dana Farber Cancer Institute encompassing operating procedures and related communication activities. The work will be focused on essentially the same clinical targets with expanded work parameters based on current laboratory success.

Cannabis Science’s current laboratory research forms part of an aggressive drug development pipeline targeting critical ailments from laboratory research to scientific publication that Cannabis Science is developing with its research partners. This strongly demonstrates and effects the company’s strong commitment to cutting-edge cannabinoid science in its pharmaceutical development programs. Cannabis Science has developed this pipeline to ensure that the company’s research work reaches the scientific community and the patients in a timely fashion.

“Currently our funded research focuses on the clinical applications of cannabinoids in cancer treatment and pain management, but we will expand our portfolio in the following significant directions: (a) we will investigate the effectiveness of cannabinoid treatment in an increasing array of cancers, especially difficult to treat cancers and those with high fatality rates, (b) we will develop novel targeted delivery methods in the use of cannabinoids, and (c) we will, with advances in bioinformatics, computer science, and pharmacology, explore the mechanisms of action of cannabinoids in the management of disease,” stated Dr. Allen A. Herman, CBIS’ Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

The CBIS/Dana-Farber relationship will leverage the collective experience and expertise of both organizations to jointly develop cannabinoid-based medications and associated delivery technologies for the treatment of cancers, and potentially other indications. “I am extremely excited about our expanded agreement with Dana-Farber,” stated Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, CBIS’ President, CEO, and Co-founder. “We now have a more comprehensive framework in place with Dana-Farber that will enable us to focus on the science of cannabinoids. We believe we are uniquely positioned to help push forward the research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines and delivery systems to treat cancers, and potentially other ailments.”

CBIS entered into an initial research agreement with Dana-Farber in January 2017, and a second agreement in April 2017. As a result of this collaboration, CBIS and Dana-Farber have published initial research results on using nanoparticle drones to target lung cancer with radiosensitizers and cannabinoids in the cancer research journal, Frontiers in Oncology. This publication titled, "Nanoparticle drones to target lung cancer with radiosensitizers and cannabinoids," addresses drug delivery, and highlights an innovative strategy to transport cannabinoids directly to cancer cells with minimal toxicities or side effects that have so far hampered clinical translation efforts.

"This publication reflects our initial work and we are assiduously working on using our drug delivery system to examine the effect of cannabinoids with and without radiation therapy on lung and pancreatic cancer. This work will form part of our applications to the FDA. As we continue this research, we will expand our pharmaceutical development program from farm to bedside," concluded Dr. Herman.

This article has been republished from materials provided by Cannabis Science. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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