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California Governor Signs 10 Cannabis Bills, Legalizing Interstate Cannabis Commerce

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Sep 20, 2022   
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California Governor Gavin Newsom signed 10 bills on Sunday, September 18, that will enact a wide range of new cannabis policies in the state.

These policies include allowing interstate cannabis commerce, protecting medical cannabis deliveries from local bans, and sealing cannabis-related criminal convictions.

The 10 cannabis-ments

After signing the 10 bills, Governor Newsom stated further legislative action will be needed to remove the barriers the California’s cannabis industry still faces, barriers such as local opposition and federal prohibition.

“For too many Californians, the promise of cannabis legalization remains out of reach,” Newsom said in a statement.

“These measures build on the important strides our state has made toward this goal, but much work remains to build an equitable, safe and sustainable legal cannabis industry. I look forward to partnering with the Legislature and policymakers to fully realize cannabis legalization in communities across California.”

The bills Newsom signed included SB 1326, which will now create a process for California’s cannabis products and services to cross state lines should other states agree to receive them.

Bill SB 1186 pre-empts local bans on medicinal cannabis deliveries, expanding patients’ access to legal cannabis medications.

AB 1706 now requires state courts to dismiss and seal eligible criminal cannabis convictions if they weren’t challenged by July 2020.

AB 1646 authorizes cannabis beverages to be packaged in containers of any material that are clear or any color.

AB 1885 will further regulate the cannabis products intended for animal consumption and provide protections to any veterinarian who recommends an animal be given cannabis products.

AB 1894 will require cannabis vape cartridges to prominently display a “proper disposal” message to avoid hazardous waste.

AB 2210 will provide protections to events that wish to temporarily sell cannabis but also have an existing alcohol beverage license.

AB 2188 will, from January 2024, make it unlawful for a state employer to discriminate against a potential or current employee for their out-of-work cannabis use.

AB 2568 provides protection to individuals and firms that wish to offer insurance for cannabis businesses.

AB 2925 requires the state’s Department of Health to provide reports from cannabis tax-funded youth education and treatment projects.


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