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ASTM Proposes Two New Cannabis Standards

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Feb 13, 2023   
A cannabis bud is held between tweezers.

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The leading US testing standards organization ASTM International is developing two new testing standards for cannabis samples.

In an announcement published on February 6, ASTM’s cannabis committee (D37) revealed that one standard will help document engineering controls for air filtration and personal protective equipment in cannabis processing facilities.

This proposed standard is intended to help keep cultivation and extractor workspaces and employees safe from inhalation exposure to cannabis dust and hemp dust in processing practices.

The second standard will establish a way to determine the intoxication level of a cannabinoid.

“Beyond providing consumers with a complete assessment of a product's total intoxicating/impairing effects, the proposed standard may provide regulators with a methodology to meaningfully account for public health and safety,” says ASTM member Pamela Epstein.

“The specification can unify consumer awareness and can be used across all product types and jurisdictions.”

“This effort brings together scientists, regulatory experts, consumer advocates, and operators to develop a critical missing standard within the cannabinoid marketplace, a standard which can determine the intoxicating effect of a cannabinoid and then used to provide the consumer with an understanding of the totality of all cannabinoids contained in a final form product,” Epstein added.


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