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Colorado Governor Signs Cannabis Equity Bill to Help Grant Possession Pardons

Approved on Monday, June 30, the new bill gives Governor Jared Polis the power to mass-pardon Coloradans for convictions of cannabis possession of two ounces or less.

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Majority of New Zealanders Support Cannabis Legalization, Poll Finds

New Zealand’s referendum on recreational cannabis legalization is now less than three months away, and a new poll indicates it could end with majority approval.

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CBD Could Help Treat Behavioral Problems in Children With Intellectual Disabilities, Study Finds

The small study observed that children given CBD showed fewer behavioral problems, such as aggression and self-injury.

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Half of Jurisdictions in California Still Don’t Allow Cannabis Retail, Study Finds

In a new study of the state’s cannabis laws, researchers found that legal access to marijuana was still limited in California.

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UK Home Office Deschedules Epidyolex

Now exempt from many controlled drug requirements, the drug could become more accessible for patients in the UK.

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Israeli Lawmakers Advance Two Cannabis Legalization Bills

The bills still face several more months of debate before they can become a law, but this latest action still represents a meaningful step forward for cannabis law reform in Israel.

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7,000 Sign Up for Europe’s Largest Medical Cannabis Trial

The cost of the medications has been capped at £150 ($187 dollars US) per month for the participants – a price roughly equivalent to what consumers pay in the country’s illicit market.

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Legal Cannabis Linked to Traffic Deaths, Studies Find

Several US states have seen an increase in traffic deaths since they gained legal access to recreational cannabis, two new studies have found.

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Sapphire Medical Clinics Launches Medical Cannabis Education Service for UK Doctors and Patients

The platform will include free educational webinars that cover the latest evidence for medical cannabis treatments, dosing and monitoring, modes of administration, and key case study examples.

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