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Antidote to Synthetic Cannabis ‘Spice’ Intoxication Could Be Found in Slimming Drug

Early research from Queen Mary University of London has potentially found an antidote that can rapidly stop the intoxicating effects of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids.

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Oncogenic Toxins Discovered in Cannabis Oil

Portland State University found potential cancerous compounds in butane cannabis oil and extract.

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University Offers First Medicinal Plant Degree Focused on Cannabis Testing

Northern Michigan University has created a undergraduate degree that offers students the opportunity to train in the emerging cannabis industry.

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Emerald Proficiency Tests Approved for Colorado Regulatory Compliance in Cannabis Testing

Colorado is one of many states to require proficiency testing in order for cannabis laboratories to be certified to conduct required testing of cannabis products for quality, content and consumer safety.

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Cannabis, 'Spice' - You Better Think Twice

Scientists are warning cannabis users of a danger coming from cannabinoid abuse.

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New Study Reveals Surprising Truth of Cannabis Use in Cancer Patients

In a state where cannabis is legal for both medicinal and recreational use, a quarter of patients with cancer believed cannabis helped treat physical and psychological symptoms of their disease.

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Substantial Pesticide Contamination in California Cannabis Clones

Study from scientists at Steep Hill Labs reveals evidence of consistent pesticide presence within cannabis clones.

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Thermo Partners with Canadian Testing Lab Supra THC Services

This agreement is the first of its kind between a Canadian cannabis company and a world leader in Health Science services and sets out to develop a "Centre of Excellence in Plant Based Medicine Analytics".

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Do We Need to Reform International Drug Treaties As More Countries Legalize Cannabis?

The future of drug control treaties is in doubt due to recent treaty-violating decisions to legalize cannabis in several countries.

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