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Taking Advantage of Canada’s Cannabis Testing Market

Third party lab testing isn’t currently required by Health Canada, but the agency has already required ‘expanded’ testing for licensed producers to ensure that pesticide and additive requirements are being met.

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Steep Hill Expands Into Oregon

Jmîchaeĺe Keller, President and CEO of Steep Hill has announced that it has licensed its cannabis testing technology to highly respected pain and addiction physician Dr. Carl Balog.

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Tilray Takes Medical Cannabis to the EU

This is the first time a company has legally exported live cannabis genetics from North America to Europe.

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Almost 70% of CBD Extracts Sold Online Are Mislabeled

Products containing either too little or too much CBD than labeled could negate potential clinical benefit to patients.

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Can Cannabinoids Be Used to Treat Cancer?

When cannabinoids activate signaling pathways in cancer cells they can stimulate a cell death mechanism called apoptosis, unleashing a potent anti-tumor effect.

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FDA Warns Companies Marketing Unproven Cannabis-derived Products

The agency has issued warning letters to four companies illegally selling products online that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure cancer without evidence to support these outcomes.

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Cannabis Cultivation Hurts Environment

Planting cannabis for commercial production in remote locations is creating forest fragmentation, stream modification, soil erosion and landslides.

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Could Cannabinoid-based Drugs Provide a Solution to the Global Antibiotic Crisis?

Preliminary studies indicate that cannabinoids can increase the potency and decrease the minimal required therapeutic dosages of antibacterial agents

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Canada House Announces Agreement to Focus on Canadian Extraction Market

The Joint Venture will initially focus on building out an approximate 2,000 square foot facility at Abba’s Pickering cannabis grow facility, to house a cannabis oil extraction operation focused on producing the oils and extracts currently permitted under ACMPR.

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