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Cannabis Could be a Promising Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease, Clinical Trial Concludes

The disease's painful symptoms are often treated with prescription opioids. But a new clinical trial has found that cannabis could be a promising, and safer, substitute.

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US Cannabis Sales Stay Steady

Sales of cannabis have continued to stay at pre-pandemic levels in the US, according to the cannabis market research firm BDSA.

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Colorado Further Adds to Its List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has once again expanded its list of pesticides approved for use on cannabis crops.

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New Zealand’s Cannabis Legalization Bill Could Do With Some Improvements, Say Addiction Researchers

Before the 'reefer-endum' arrives, the country's legalization bill could still benefit from a few edits, say leading addiction researchers.

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Many Dispensaries Still Make “Unsupported Claims” That Cannabis Can Treat Opioid Use Disorder, Says Study

The study found that these claims were more common in US states that listed opioid use disorder as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis.

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Thousands of Cannabis Vape Products Are Still Impounded in Massachusetts

To help decide what to do with the impounded products, state authorities are welcoming input from the public until July 15.

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Many CBD Products Still Don’t Contain Advertised Amounts, FDA Study Finds

Product testing conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that many CBD-infused products on sale in the United States are mislabeled, containing vastly differing amounts of CBD than advertised on the product packaging.

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Canadian Hospitals Launch Medical Cannabis Trial

Conducted over six months, the study hopes to include 2,000 patients from across Canada who live with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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Oklahoma Begins Enforcing Medical Cannabis Testing

The new rule was initially meant to take effect on April 1, but delays were made amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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