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Terpenoid Profiles in Cannabis Classification

Analyses of 11 cannabinoids and 19 terpenoids in 2,237 individual cannabis flower samples identified three distinct clusters that were distinguishable by terpenoid profiles alone.

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Maximizing the Production of Critical Medical Components from Specific Cannabis Strains

GB Sciences is seeking to place cannabis-based medical formulations on a level playing field with traditional medical formulations when it comes to patient studies and clinical trials.

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MyDx, Highsmen Genetics Partner on Cannabis Strains Tailored for Specific Effects

Theie goal is to be able to produce a custom flower strain with custom cannabinoids and terpenes that can be tailored for specific end use applications, such as sleep or pain relief.

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EVIO Completes Acquisition of C3 Labs

Effective January 1, 2018, C3 Labs LLC was also granted its temporary testing license from the State of California, and will operate under the brand EVIO Labs Berkeley.

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Steep Hill Testing Tech Supports Jamaican Cannabis Industry

Steep Hill collaborated with the University of Technology, Jamaica at the recent Rastafari RootzFest, to leverage the Steep Hill Express test to provide accurate cannabis potency testing for the event.

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USEI Prepares to Enter Californian Cannabis Market

As of January 2018, California has become the largest legal cannabis market in the world, with an estimated market of approximately $6.8 billion dollars.

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PhytaTech Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation

ISO 17025 is the highest recognized quality standard in the world for calibration and testing laboratories.

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Emerging Canadian Biopharma Company To Enter Legal Cannabis Markets In U.S.

Pivot plans to build manufacturing facilities in legal cannabis markets throughout North America and Europe, obtain the necessary licensures, and launch products using their RTIC technology which transforms cannabis oil into powder for infusion.

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New Technology Could Massively Increase the Efficiency of Cannabinoid Extraction

Abattis Bioceuticals has announced the successful completion of experiments utilizing column chromatography for cannabinoid extraction.

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