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Acreage Pharms Launches Innovative, Ambitious Extraction Program for Cannabis Oils in Canada

Acreage plans to use supercritical CO2 extraction technology to produce safe, non-toxic, carbon-neutral, customizable, premium quality cannabis oils.

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Arizona May Finally Begin Testing Cannabis for Pesticides, Mold

A Republican lawmaker has persuaded nearly the entire Legislature to sign on in support of his proposal to require medical marijuana to be tested for mold and agricultural chemicals.

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Private Partnership Leads the Way in Mapping the Cannabis Genome

Functional Remedies, Sunrise Genetics demonstrate the value of private partnerships to overcome challenges in the cannabis industry,

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CBD Helps to Reduce Seizures in Treatment-resistant Epilepsy Patients

By the end of a 14 week trial, patients had a 41.2% reduction in all seizures demonstrating the potential of CBD as a powerful treatment for this debilitating condition.

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Molecular Tagging, Blockchain Combine to Improve Cannabis Supply Chain

The rapid global adoption of legal cannabis legislation has accelerated the need to secure and truly validate cannabis supply chains from seed-to-sale.

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Digipath Labs Submit Plan of Correction in Response to License Suspension

This move is in response to the suspension of their Medical Marijuana Registration Certificate and Marijuana Testing Facility License on January 19, 2018

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Lift, CCIC to Develop Scientifically Valid, Independent Training for Cannabis Retailers

The training will cover a range of topics including cannabis testing, endocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system; uses and research of cannabis, public health and harm reduction.

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The Cannabis Industry in 2018: ‘Hotel California’ and More

The legalization of cannabis in California made some of the biggest news of the year, many other changes are impacting the industry, and more lie ahead in 2018.

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CBD Set to Become a Billion Dollar Market in Just 3 Years

Hemp CBD sales hit $170 million in 2016 and at a 55% compound annual growth rate over the years to come, the market will easily cross the billion-dollar mark.

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