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Breakthrough in Cannabinoid Drug Delivery May Enhance Medical Use of CBD

In a unique and potentially transformative drug delivery technique, PreveCeutical Medical is engineering the world's first nose-to-brain drug delivery platform.

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New Vegas-based Cannabis Testing Lab Almost Ready to Open

MA Analytics is finalizing the policies and procedures as well as their operations ahead of the laboratory's final inspection by the State of Nevada

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The Evidence is in, Cannabis Can Reduce Prescription Opioid Use

A new study suggests that smoking cannabis may lower the number of prescription opioids needed to produce pain relief.

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Cannabis Science Groundbreaking Cancer Research Skyrockets with More Views Than 95% of all Frontiers Articles

The Cannabis Science, Dana-Farber research team has now begun next level planning to bring this efficacious research to full commercialization.

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GreenSpace Labs, 4-time NBA Champion Partner to Launch Mobile Pesticide Testing Device

Originally developed for the U.S. military to test for nerve agents and toxic metals, GreenLite technology has been repurposed to detect pesticides and toxic metals in cannabis.

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WeedMD Joins Israeli-led Cannabis Database Project

WeedMD will contribute samples of 25 strains for cannabinoid composition analysis to create comprehensive profiles of each strains unique characteristics.

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Audit of Oregon Liquor Control Commission Highlights Flaws in Regulatory Systems

The report found that although positive steps have been taken to better regulate recreational cannabis in the state, further work is required.

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Research Interest into Cannabis-based Skin Treatments Growing

As cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties there may be potential for topical cannabis to improve conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema by reducing the inflammation associated with these diseases.

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Canadian Medical Cannabis Review Adds New Voice to Call for Better Research

Guidelines warn health risks may outweigh benefits but in reality clinical evidence to support claims either way is lacking.

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