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Strainprint Data Reveals Impact of Cannabis on Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Study marks one of the first attempts by U.S. scientists to assess how cannabis with varying concentrations of THC and CBD affect medicinal cannabis users’ feelings of well-being when smoked outside of a laboratory.

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UC San Diego Receives $4.7M Gift for Medical Cannabis Research

The funding will support research to investigate whether medicinal cannabinoid therapies can alleviate symptoms in children with severe autism—and if so, how.

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Identifying the Best Cannabinoid Profile for Treating Pain

In a small pilot study, patients using high CBD strains exhibited lower levels of circulating cytokines a marker of inflammation often associated with pain - than those using higher THC products.

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Could This New App Work Out How High You Are?

The prototype app called 'Am I Stoned' is designed to help cannabis users understand how the drug is affecting them through a series of phone-based tasks.

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Molecular Diagnostics Industry Leader Joins Portable Cannabis Analyzer Company

Dr. Dreismann is a top industry expert in the field of molecular and medical diagnostics and will support efforts to bring more exciting analytical tools into cannabis consumers' hands.

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Prenatal Cannabis Use Associated With Low Birth Weights

Findings underscore the importance of screening for cannabis use during prenatal care and the need for counseling about the adverse health consequences of continued use during pregnancy.

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Hemp Shows Potential for Treating Ovarian Cancer

Pre-clinical results indicate that hemp extracts might be useful for stopping or slowing down metastasis - the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body.

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Meet the Researchers Working on Some of the Hottest Topics in Cannabis Research

28 cannabis-related research grants have been funded by state cannabis taxes and liquor license fees in the last 3 years alone.

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EVIO Labs Enters Canadian Cannabis Testing Market

As Canada prepares for adult recreational sales in the coming months, the need for credible and comprehensive cannabis testing is greater than ever.

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