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California Netted $208 Million in Cannabis Tax From April to June

In total, the state has earned $1.45 billion from marijuana taxes since recreational sales became legal in January 2018.

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Want to Study Thousands of CBD Products? The FDA is Hiring

The FDA is looking to hire a contractor to study thousands of CBD product samples to help the administration develop regulations for products containing the compound.

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A Q&A For CBD in the UK

Mike Barnes offers his expert insight on CBD and how it can be used.

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Adults With Depression Are More Likely to Consume Cannabis, Study Finds

Health surveys show that rates of cannabis consumption have been steadily growing in the US, particularly among people living with depression.

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Colorado Approves Six More Pesticides for Use on Cannabis

Since early July, the state department has added six more pesticide products to the list, which now exceeds 400 compounds.

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Maine to Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales From October

Nearly four years after state residents voted for recreational cannabis to be legalized, Maine regulators have set a date when commercial cannabis retail can begin.

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AOAC Extends Comment Period for Its Proposed Mycotoxin and E.coli Testing Methods

Any lab analyst with a view on how mycotoxins and E.coli bacteria should be screened for in cannabis samples has been invited to comment on AOAC International’s own drafted methods.

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After-hours Cannabis Use Has No Impact on Work Performance, Survey Finds

A new study has partly challenged the notion that cannabis can worsen a worker’s performance.

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Medical Marijuana Leads to Fewer Hospitalizations in Sickle Cell Disease Study

The patients were also more likely to use edible cannabis products compared with inhaled products.

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