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USDA Extends Comment Period for Its Hemp Rules

Farmers and other workers in the US hemp sector have been given more time to voice their criticisms on the US Department of Agriculture’s incoming hemp regulations.

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Cannabis Research Has Attracted $1.56 Billion in Funding Since 2000

Under close review, analysts found that significantly more funding was given to research into the negative effects of cannabis and cannabis misuse than on its medical and therapeutic uses.

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Caffeine, Melatonin and Other Contaminants Found in US CBD Products

A new study of 21 American CBD products, currently in preprint, has found evidence that many products are mislabeled, contaminated, and deliberately adulterated.

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Brain Injury Patients Who Consumed Cannabis Spent Less Time in Intensive Care, Study Finds

While the cannabis-consuming patients were on average 15 years younger than the other patients - a factor that could help them recover from injuries at a faster rate - the study’s authors still say THC could have afforded some protective effect.

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THC Can Treat Lung Inflammations in Mice, Study Says

Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, the new study found that THC could relieve inflamed pathways in the lungs of lab mice, as well as benefit the bacteria living the rodents’ lungs and guts.

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Disposable Cannabis Vape Cartridges May Pose Latent Lead Exposure Risk, Study Finds

Stored cannabis vape cartridges and lead leaching may pose a risk to consumer health, an early study shared with Analytical Cannabis has found.

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Most US States with Recreational Cannabis Access Had Fewer EVALI Cases, Study Finds

The new study found that states without a legal recreational marijuana market were more likely to have more EVALI cases per capita.

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Oklahoma Cannabis Testing Lab Under State Investigation

State authorities have begun an investigation into a cannabis testing lab over allegations of falsified testing results, according to the local newspaper the Tulsa World.

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Brazil Edges Closer to Domestic Hemp and Medical Cannabis Cultivation

If new legislation is approved, the country could have an established regulatory structure for domestic production in place by early 2021, expert consultants say.

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