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10 Out of 37 CBD Products Are Inaccurately Labeled, Says Nevada Lab

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Jun 16, 2020   
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Only 73 percent of selected CBD brands contained the advertised amount of CBD, according to a Las Vegas-based lab company.

As part of an ongoing study, Canalysis Laboratories – not to be confused with the California-based cannabis testing company Cannalysis – independently tested 37 different CBD products manufactured across the US.

While most products were found to be within 10 percent of the advertised CBD levels, 10 (27 percent) were not. One product contained only 6 percent of the CBD stated on the label.

According to Canalysis, the more accurate products were generally made by leading, well-reviewed brands, whereas those that tested poorly were manufactured by lesser-known companies.

A partner in the testing review, the online CBD platform LeafReport, says the findings provide further proof that consumers should only buy from reputable CBD brands.

CBD vials on trial

Before testing the CBD products for their cannabinoid content, the analysts set their acceptable threshold at 10 percent above or below the advertised figure.

Once the tests were complete, 27 products were found to be within this acceptable range. Brands with products that passed this test included CBDPure, CBDistillery, and Green Gorilla.

The other 10 products differed in their breach of this 10 percent threshold. Four products tested within 20 percent of the CBD content listed on the label. These items belonged to such brands as Charlotte’s Web and Original Hemp.

One other product was within 30 percent of the labeled CBD figure, while the remaining five products were well out of range.

Of these, one CBD tincture made by CalyFX claimed to contain 1000mg of CBD. It actually contained just 61.8mg of the compound (6.2 percent of the advertised amount), according to Canalysis.

All certificates of analysis for the 37 products were published by LeafReport, which acted as a partner in the testing review.

As the review’s sample size was so small, its findings may not be reflective of the wider CBD industry in the US. But, taken as they are, its conclusions still highlight room for improvement in the sector, say LeafReport. .

“Although the CBD industry has come a long way, it still has much room to improve in terms of providing accurate, high-quality products,” wrote LeafReport. 

At the same time, the results highlight that most popular,trusted top CBD brands, including the likes of Lazarus NaturalsCBDistillerycbdMDCBDfx, and Green Roads provide accurate products that match the company’s transparent image.”

“We urge anyone interested in buying CBD oil or other CBD products to only purchase from brands that provide independent third-party lab test results (the same tests that we used for our investigation). These results should clearly list the CBD amount so you can confirm that the product contains exactly what is written on the label.”


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