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Colorado Adds to List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

Since the start of May this year, the state department has added nine pesticide products to the list, which now exceeds 400 compounds.

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Sapphire Medical Clinics Launches Registry to Expand Medical Cannabis Evidence Base in the UK

The registry aims to collect and analyze clinical information from patients taking medical cannabis treatments in the UK for all recognized eligible conditions.

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Regulating Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis: What Can be Learned from the Pharmaceutical Industry? Part 3

In the third part of his series, Rob Thomas details how the cannabis product manufacturing process can contribute to heavy metal contamination.

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Genetic Testing is Key for Successful Cannabis Engineering, Production, and Purchasing

Analysts and university professors tell Lab Manager why genetic testing is crucial to cannabis testing.

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Designing a Cannabis Lab

Lab Manager explores what is necessary to know before designing and implementing a cannabis lab.

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Medical Cannabis Shouldn’t Always Be Considered a Last Resort, Says Review

Written by some of the country’s top drug science and policy researchers, the review puts forward a number of ‘next steps’ for the country to consider pursuing in order to better support prospective medical cannabis patients in the UK.

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10 Out of 37 CBD Products Are Inaccurately Labeled, Says Nevada Lab

A partner in the testing review says the findings provide further proof that consumers should only buy from reputable CBD brands.

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Researchers Believe Cannabinoids Could Treat HIV-associated Disorders

Researchers at George Mason University have received $450,000 in funding from the National Institutes of Health to pursue new research into whether cannabinoids can help treat HIV-associated disorders.

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Cannabis Use During Late Pregnancy Linked to Lower Birth Weights, Study Finds

Compared with babies of mothers who had never used cannabis, infants of those who still consumed the drug after 15 weeks had lower mean values for birthweight, birth length, and head circumference.

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