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Legal Marijuana Reduces Chronic Pain, but Increases Injuries and Car Accidents – Study

Overall hospital stays remain steady after Colorado legalized cannabis, UCSF study finds.

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Pregnant Women Wanted to Study Prenatal Marijuana Use

Researchers in Washington, US seek to isolate cannabis from concurrent use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs in mothers-to-be.

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$1.4 Million in Cannabis Product Seized From Unlicensed Dispensary in California

The cannabis regulators of the Golden State continue to crack down on unlicensed businesses.

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Doctors Need Training to Tackle Chronic Opioid Use – Study

British doctors must be better equipped to reduce their patients' use of opioids, according to a new study.

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CBD Could Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Says New Study

The first-of-its-kind study demonstrates how the cannabinoid can be used to treat intestinal permeability.

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Fewer Than Half of Canadians Now Support Cannabis Legalization

Ahead of the country's next wave of edibles legalization, Canadians are becoming less open to trying cannabis foods, according to a new survey.

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High Stakes: Is Federal Law Cracking Down on Hemp?

The 2018 Farm Bill may have made the hemp plant legal to cultivate, but are federal authorities treating it as such?

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Asia's Medicinal Cannabis Market Could Reach $5.8 Billion by 2024

Pending the legalization of medical cannabis in key countries like China, India, and South Korea, the continent's cannabis market could be worth nearly $6 billion in just 5 years.

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New Zealand to Vote on Cannabis Legalization

The Kiwi country could soon be asking its residents whether they support or oppose recreational cannabis.

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