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Over 60s Need Better Cannabis Education – Study

In the first state-wide study of its kind, older Coloradans were found to be curious about cannabis' benefits, but afraid to approach doctors on the subject.

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Cannabis Testing Just Got a Genetic Boost – Study

New genetic methods could help cannabis labs better discern their sativas from their indicas, according to the study's authors.

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Luxembourg Set to Become Europe’s First Recreational Cannabis Country

Following its medicinal legislation in 2018, the small inland country could just become the first in Europe to fully legalize recreational cannabis use for its citizens.

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New Drug Group Launched to Improve the UK’s Access to Medical Cannabis

The new group of drug experts, policy workers, and industry partners will work towards creating a more cannabis-friendly ethos in the UK.

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Synthetic CBD Can Treat Seizures in Rats – Study

The cultivation-free cannabinoid can successfully treat seizures in rats, according to a new study from the University of California, Davis.

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Canadian Government Pledges $25 Million to Cannabis Research

The funding is part of the Canadian government’s ongoing commitment to generating quality evidence on the health and safety effects of its newly legalized substance.

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Cannabis Affects Male Teenagers’ Memory More Than Females’ – Study

A new study on Canadian teenagers has further linked adolescent cannabis use to long-term cognitive impairments, especially in male students.

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Medical Marijuana for Fibromyalgia: What Does the Research Say?

Managing the chronic pain condition is a constant battle for the millions of people it affects around the world. But could cannabis be a new, effective treatment?

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Common Cannabis Pests and How to Mind Them

A healthy field of cannabis can be worth thousands, but pest infestations can take a real bite out of the profits. So what are the tell-tale signs of cannabis pests? And how can they be avoided?

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