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Nebraska Approves its First Hemp Testing Lab

Cannabis Testing Laboratories, which received ISO-certification in early July, was later added to Nebraska’s Department of Agriculture’s list of approved hemp testing facilities.

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Covid-19 and the Cannabis Supply Chain: A Q&A With Vanguard Scientific

With many businesses now experiencing disruption caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Matthew Anderson of Vanguard Scientific tells Analytical Cannabis of his experiences working in the supply chain over the past several months.

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Why Do Some Hemp Crops Produce Too Much THC? This New Study Aims to Find Out

Which factors are tipping these THC concentrations over the legal limit? The soil? The sun? The strain? Right now, it’s not entirely clear. But one research group at West Virginia University want to change that.

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Rhode Island Licenses its First Medical Cannabis Lab

Up until Green Peaks’ approval, any medical cannabis sold in Rhode Island dispensaries had either been tested by growers, by the dispensaries, or by unlicensed, private labs.

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European Commission Considers Reclassifying CBD as a Narcotic

The review has paused over 50 applications from CBD companies hoping to acquire a “novel food” status for their products.

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Cannabis Could be a Promising Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease, Clinical Trial Concludes

The disease's painful symptoms are often treated with prescription opioids. But a new clinical trial has found that cannabis could be a promising, and safer, substitute.

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CBD in the UK: Predictions for 2021

For all the excitement, the UK’s CBD industry is actually facing a roadblock, writes Professor Mike Barnes.

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US Cannabis Sales Stay Steady

Sales of cannabis have continued to stay at pre-pandemic levels in the US, according to the cannabis market research firm BDSA.

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Colorado Further Adds to Its List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has once again expanded its list of pesticides approved for use on cannabis crops.

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