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Urgent Public Health Priority: National Strategy to Reduce the Opioid Epidemic

Years of coordinated efforts will be needed to manage and reverse the harmful societal effects of the prescription and illicit opioid epidemics which are continuing to worsen.

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New Study States Closing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Increases Crime

"Going to pot? The impact of dispensary closures on crime" investigates the relationship between the closure of medicinal marijuana dispensaries and the increase of crime.

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Study Finds Teen Cannabis Usage Increases Other Illicit Drug Use in Later Life

Researchers at University of Bristol have found cannabis use as a teen to increase the chances of other illegal drug use in early adulthood.

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AOAC Aims for Standardized Cannabis Methods

Only consensus methods can ensure reliable and comparable cannabis potency and more.

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Study Finds An Increase of Students Using Marijuana In Oregon After State Legalization

Since the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, researchers have found an increase in marijuana usage among students across the state.

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Student Publishes Agonist-bound Human CB1 Receptor Structure in Nature

The work reveals the structural features of agonist-bound CB1 and the activation mechanism of the receptor.

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Good or Bad: How to pick a cannabis testing lab?

We ask a few experts how they’d find the right place to analyze samples or products.

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Legal Cannabis Laws Impact Teen Use

A new study has discovered that adolescents living in medical marijuana states are more likely to have tried different methods of cannabis use.

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Public Health Guidelines Aim to Lower Health Risks of Cannabis Use

10 science-based recommendations have been released to help reduce health risks for cannabis users.

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