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Cannabis Use May Risk Cardiovascular Health, Says American Heart Association

While cannabis may have useful applications in some areas of medicine, cardiovascular health may not be one of them, according to the American Heart Association.

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Europe’s Largest Medical Cannabis Trial Has Begun

Project Twenty21, a two-year-long medical cannabis research project in the UK, has gone live.

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US Cannabis Research Is Still Hindered, So What Regulatory Changes Do Scientists Want to See?

Current federal regulations still tie the hands of many researchers who wish to study the effects of cannabis. So what needs to change?

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FDA Approves Epidiolex to Treat Seizures From Tuberous Sclerosis

The cannabis-derived oral spray can now be prescribed for seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TCS), a rare genetic condition that causes benign tumors to develop in different parts of the body.

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Cannabinoid Profiling in the Cannabis Lab

With over 70 known cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, it's important that researchers and testing staff look at more than just the THC content when examining cannabis material. But how exactly do analysts profile and study these dozens of cannabinoids?

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Nevada Authorities Investigate Three Dispensaries For Selling Contaminated Flower

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board has begun investigating three state dispensaries for selling a product that twice failed microbial testing.

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High Doses of CBD Can Help Treat Cannabis Dependence, Study Finds

According to the new study from Lancet Psychiatry, a promising treatment for cannabis dependence could be right within reach of many cannabis consumers: CBD.

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Federal Scientists Launch Hemp Program to Help Standardize Testing Methods

The scientists behind the new initiative at the National Institute of Standards and Technology also plan to help standardize the testing methods used for cannabis products, such as edibles, tinctures, and balms.

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Regulating Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis: What Can be Learned from the Pharmaceutical Industry? Part 5

Discover how analytical testing procedures can often lead to contamination and sources of errors if not adequately addressed.

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