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Toby Astill

Global Market Manager for Cannabis and Hemp at PerkinElmer, Inc.

Toby has a PhD in Chemistry and has spent the last 11 years working for PerkinElmer and driving its global cannabis and hemp business through a variety of initiatives, including market and industry research, collaboration agreements with customers, application content development, and field marketing initiatives. He has written for Analytical Cannabis since 2019.

Latest content from Toby Astill

Technological Advances in Cannabis Testing

Welcome to our latest eBook, Technological Advances in Cannabis Testing, a collection of features on some of the most exciting developments in marijuana testing, penned by some of the brilliant people making them happen.


Discussion on Approaches to Simplify Pesticide & Mycotoxin Testing in a ISO17025 Cannabis or Hemp Laboratory

Speaking at the recent Analytical Cannabis Expo North America in March 2022, Toby Astill, PhD, Global Market Manager – Cannabis & Hemp at PerkinElmer, presented his talk on strategies to simplify testing processes.


How Strategic Cannabis Testing and Analysis Data Management Can Help Transform Product Quality and Compliance

Proper data management can help cannabis labs increase their innovation, compliance, and product quality. How, exactly? PerkinElmer's Toby Astill explains all.


Achieving operational simplicity and efficiency with Cannabis ONE420 CRM Reagent Kits And Automation

Speaking back in April at the Analytical Cannabis Expo West Online 2021, Dr Toby Astill, Senior Business Development Leader for Cannabis & Hemp Markets at PerkinElmer presented an innovative simplified workflow for pesticide and mycotoxin residue analysis in cannabis and hemp.


Beverage Testing Part 2: Keeping up and Getting Ahead With Beverage Analysis

With a steady increase of research into cannabinoids, and with changes to legalization and regulation, the future of the cannabis beverage industry will have to overcome considerable challenges to keep up with new consumer demands.


Beverage Testing Part 1: Complex Cannabinoids – Overcoming the Challenges of Cannabis Beverage Analysis

How can cannabis labs leverage powerful analytical technologies to ensure novel products like cannabis-based beverages meet consumer safety and quality demands?


How to Ensure a Contaminant-free Cannabis Product

Ensuring a contaminant-free cannabis product is no mean feat but it is a goal that can be achieved by labs focusing on just four key testing areas.