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Ruairi J Mackenzie

Senior Science Writer

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Latest Content From Ruairi J Mackenzie

What Are the Key Psychedelic Drugs?

This Analytical Cannabis infographic reviews five psychedelics, detailing their structure, mechanism of action, and their potential clinical applications.


Ketamine, MDMA, DMT and Psilocybin: A Closer Look at Four Psychedelics

These well-known compounds have moved past decades of stigma to become well-studied therapeutics either approved or in trial to treat mental health conditions such as major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.


How Can Psychedelics Be Used to Treat Addiction?

Technology Networks spoke with Professor David Nutt and Anthony Tennyson to discuss the unique considerations of treating addiction and the role of psychotherapy in psychedelic treatments.


Opinionated Science: Psychedelics: A Trip Through Psilocybin and MDMA Research

On this week’s Opinionated Science, the team takes a look at the growing potential of psychedelic medicine. In this episode, we take a deep dive into four leading psychedelic compounds: psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, and DMT.


Single Dose of Psilocybin Can Remodel the Brains of Mice, Study Finds

The new study examined structural changes in the brain that might explain psilocybin’s enduring antidepressant effects.


Cannabis Edibles: Getting the Munchies for Science

In this special podcast collaboration with Technology Networks, we hear how cannabis edibles affect our bodies and brains and how the growing demand for edibles will see the creation of cannabis drinks and restaurants. Please bring snacks.


Drug-finding Tool Identifies Psychedelic-like Drug That Is Hallucination-free

A new technology developed by researchers at the University of California Davis promises to fast-track the development of compounds that could exploit psychedelics’ therapeutic action without hallucinogenic side effects.


Psilocybin Compared to Antidepressant in Breakthrough Trial

A new trial has directly compared the antidepressant effects of psilocybin with a more classical antidepressant, and found that the two are matched in their mood-altering potential.


Could a Chemical Flip Produce a More Effective Ketamine-based Antidepressant?

Drug developers say that R-ketamine could potentially deliver a more targeted action with fewer side effects than its more popular chemical twin.


Could the “Spirit Molecule” DMT Assist in Stroke Recovery?

N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a psychedelic compound under investigation for a range of therapeutic uses. One avenue of research is being pursued by Algernon Pharmaceuticals, who are investigating whether sub-hallucinogenic DMT doses could help to protect and repair the brain in the hours after a stroke.