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Lydia Abernethy

Testing and Regulatory Compliance Expert at TraceTrust

Lydia Abernethy serves as the resident testing and regulatory compliance expert at TraceTrust, an edibles consultancy firm. In her previous role as director of cultivation science at Steep Hill, she navigated regulations and developed alliances between government agencies, grow collectives, and farmers. Her knowledge and understanding of integrated pest management (IPM) and biocontrol systems served Steep Hill's customers in avoiding cultivation and manufacturing pitfalls which lead to regulatory failure. Prior to joining the Steep Hill team, she garnered experience as a plant researcher and scientist within FDA-regulated biopharmaceutical manufacturing, large-scale agrichemical, and horticultural industries. As a Cultivation Technologies Specialist with Urban-Gro she established IPM programs and vetted product solutions in cannabis cultivation facilities nationwide. Lydia received her Bachelor's in Biological Sciences from North Carolina State University with additional studies in calculus and polymer and color chemistry.

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