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Leo Bear-McGuinness

Science Writer

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Leo joined Analytical Cannabis in 2019. From research to regulations and analysis to agriculture, his writing covers all the need-to-know news for the cannabis industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Newcastle University and a master's degree in science communication from the University of Edinburgh.

Latest Content From Leo Bear-McGuinness

UK Campaigners Call for More Medical Cannabis Access, Two Years on From Decision to Legalize

In an open letter to the country’s home secretary, Hannah Deacon highlights how medical cannabis remains largely unavailable to patients via the National Health Service.


Colorado Adds to List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

Since the start of May this year, the state department has added nine pesticide products to the list, which now exceeds 400 compounds.


10 Out of 37 CBD Products Are Inaccurately Labeled, Says Nevada Lab

A partner in the testing review says the findings provide further proof that consumers should only buy from reputable CBD brands.


Cannabis Use During Late Pregnancy Linked to Lower Birth Weights, Study Finds

Compared with babies of mothers who had never used cannabis, infants of those who still consumed the drug after 15 weeks had lower mean values for birthweight, birth length, and head circumference.


Analytical Cannabis June 2020 Digest

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Cannabis Concentrates Don’t Get Consumers Any Higher, Study Finds

The researchers aren’t sure exactly how those who used the concentrates could have such high THC levels without incurring greater intoxication, but they suspect a tolerance may have been built up.


Cannabis Temporarily Relieves PTSD Symptoms, Says Surveyed Group

Just under 400 people involved in the research say cannabis reduced the severity of their immediate PTSD symptoms by more than half.


Hawaiian Cannabis Vape Cartridges Are Contaminated With Ethanol and Lead, Tests Find

A Hawaii News Now investigation found that many of the cartridges would be banned in other US states for failing to meet safety standards.


Cannabis Sales Return to Pre-pandemic Levels in the US

Sales of recreational marijuana in the United States have nearly resumed pre-pandemic levels, according to the cannabis market research firm BDSA.


Thai Authorities Hand Over 24 Tons of Seized Cannabis to Researchers

The seized cannabis will go on to support the research and development of cannabis oil for medical purposes.