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Leo Bear-McGuinness

Science Writer & Editor

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Leo joined Analytical Cannabis in 2019. From research to regulations and analysis to agriculture, his writing covers all the need-to-know news for the cannabis industry. He holds a Bachelor's in Biology from Newcastle University and a Master's in Science Communication from the University of Edinburgh.

Latest content from Leo Bear-McGuinness

Cannabis Consumers Have More Heavy Metals in Their Blood, Study Finds

Cannabis consumers have higher levels of cadmium and lead in their blood than people who don’t consume the drug, according to a new study.


US Health Officials Recommend De-scheduling Cannabis

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has recommended that cannabis be reclassified from Schedule I to the less restrictive Schedule III within the Controlled Substance Act.


Medical Cannabis Patients at Lower Risk of Developing Cannabis Use Disorder, Study Finds

A significant minority of medical cannabis patients go on to develop cannabis use disorder (CUD), according to a new study. This proportion, however, is still lower than the proportion of recreational consumers with CUD.


Oregon Court Suspends Aspergillus Testing Requirement For Cannabis Products

Cannabis products in Oregon no longer have to be tested for Aspergillus fungi following a suspension order from the Oregon Court of Appeals.


Colorado Regulators Issues Warning About Moldy Cannabis Flower

State regulators in Colorado have issued another health and safety notice after “potentially unsafe levels” of total yeast and mold was found in a batch of cannabis flower.


Cannabis Use at All-Time-High in US, Finds NIH Survey

Cannabis and hallucinogens are more popular than ever in the US, according to an ongoing National Institutes of Health (NIH) survey.


Ohio to Hold ‘Cannabis Election’ in November

Ohioans will have the chance to legalize recreational, adult-use cannabis on November 7 this year.


Missouri Regulator Recalls 62,000 Cannabis Products

The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation has recalled a whopping 62,799 products that weren’t compliantly tracked in the state’s digital trace and trace system.


One Isomer of HHC Is More Potent Than Another, Study Finds

HHC products are still being sold in states without legal recreational cannabis access, and demand for them is growing.


Cannabis Smoking Increasingly Seen As Safer Than Cigarette Smoking, Study Finds

The participants felt similarly about the safety of second-hand cannabis smoke.