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Leo Bear-McGuinness

Science Writer


Leo joined Analytical Cannabis in 2019. From research to regulations and analysis to agriculture, his writing covers all the need-to-know news for the cannabis industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Newcastle University and a master's degree in science communication from the University of Edinburgh.

Latest Content From Leo Bear-McGuinness

New Zealand Launches its Medical Cannabis Program

Despite concerns of a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the scheme was launched as planned on April 1 by the government’s Ministry of Health.


THC Can Impair Female Fertility, Study Finds

The study’s findings could have implications for cannabis-using couples undergoing IVF.


Cannabis Sales Peaked Again in Late March, But Then Declined

This drop-off wasn't as sheer in California, but many experts remain concerned over the industry's economic outlook.


Canada Asks Cannabis Labs for Help With Covid-19 Testing

Any company with lab facilities interested in supporting the testing can notify Health Canada via email.


Advances in Cannabis Extraction and Processing

Free from the confining past of prohibition and powered up by the technology of today, cannabis processing is now at the forefront of the industry’s innovation.


Cannabis Labs Carry on Testing, But Covid-19-disruptions Loom Large

In these testing times, the cannabis testing sector appears to be weathering the Covid-19 storm better than most.


There’s No Significant Difference Between Recreational and Medical Marijuana in the US, Study Claims

According to the new study, the only major difference between most recreational and medicinal cannabis products is the store they’re sold in.


How Much THC Should Be in a Standard Dose? This Federal Agency Wants Your Help to Decide

If scientists are going to continue studying cannabis’ effects, they’re going to need a standard classification system, according to researchers at the National Institute of Drug Abuse.


Injections of Synthetic THC Can Significantly Reduce Acute Pain, Review Finds

The review found that intramuscular injections of cannabinoids can relieve acute pain more effectively than oral cannabis treatments.


DEA Proposes to Expand Marijuana Research (Again)

The administration has issued similar statements before, but its latest proposal is the “most significant action” yet taken.