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Kimberly Ross

Chief Science Officer at Peak Compliance Labs

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Kim is the chief scientific officer at Peak Compliance Labs and has written for Analytical Cannabis on lab practices since 2019. She earned her PhD from the University of Colorado's Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology program and is currently a contributing member to ASTM's D37 Committee for development of standards for cannabis products and processes and a participant in the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division's cannabis regulatory workgroup.

Latest Content From Kimberly Ross

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in the Cannabis Lab

To help avoid the common pitfalls of the technique, Dr Kimberly Ross, chief science officer at Peak Compliance, and Julie Kowalski of JA Kowalski Science Support outline where LC-MS can go wrong in this original Analytical Cannabis list.


Why Good Manufacturing Practices Will Play a Central Role in the Global Cannabis Industry

There’s a lot of buzz around good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the cannabis industry. But why are they so needed? And how are they best implemented? Dr Kimberly Ross, chief science officer at Peak Compliance, answers all these questions and more in this original Analytical Cannabis list.


Virtual Tour of a Cannabis Lab

Take a step by step guided tour of a virtual cannabis lab and see the journey of a cannabis sample from collection right through to the production of a certificate of analysis.


Chromatography Profiling in the Cannabis Lab

It’s crucial that cannabis labs have effective, preventative maintenance programs for their instruments. Read about all these tips and more in this Analytical Cannabis list.


Maintaining Compliance and Quality Systems in the Cannabis Lab

Quality management and compliance-based activities are a way of life in the cannabis testing lab, says Kim Ross.


How to Detect and Prevent Microbial Contamination in Cannabis: Going Beyond Compliance Testing

Although they differ across state borders, all the regulations will require cannabis samples to be tested before reaching market shelves.


Leveraging Chemotyping Techniques for Data-driven Classification of Cannabis

Key to defining a modern naming and classification system, chemotyping research is one of the driving forces in improving our understanding of the properties of cannabis strains around the world.


Cannabis Cultivation in the Technology Era

With technological advancements expected everywhere from greenhouses to dispensaries, what kind of future is the cannabis industry entering?