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John Binns

Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP

John Binns is a specialist in proceeds of crime laws, cannabis regulation, sanctions, and tax investigations. He has extensive experience in financial crime, which also involves bribery and corruption, extradition, Interpol, fraud, market abuse, and the conduct of related civil proceedings. He is a prolific writer and speaker on a variety of topics, including cannabis law in the UK.

Latest content from John Binns

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The legal status of cannabis in the UK is in a state of flux, becoming more relaxed in various ways, but too slowly for some. John Binns, a cannabis specialist at BCL Solicitors LLP, gets into the weeds.


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Could the UK establish itself as a safe place for the CBD industry to thrive, in a way that may no longer be possible in the EU?


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The UK cannabis sector is on the verge of fruition, but with its path is blocked by regulations, how can it take the next step forward?