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James Brennan

Sales and marketing specialist at LabWare

In his position, James focuses on laboratory informatics solutions for cannabis testing, biopharmaceutical, and other life sciences industries. James earned his Bachelor's in Biochemistry from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and his Master's in Chemistry from St. Joseph’s University. He started his career at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in the Pharmacology and Developmental Chemotherapy laboratories developing and validating bioanalytical methods for novel anticancer drugs. In 1996, he moved to DuPont Pharmaceuticals at the Stine-Haskell Research Center. In the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Section, he supported regulated bioanalysis for the clinical trials of Sustiva (efavirenz), which is used to fight HIV infection. He became more involved in developing bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic data handling, storage, and retrieval methods. This experience led to a career dedicated to bioanalytical informatics, most recently at LabWare. James has contributed to over thirty peer-reviewed journal articles and scientific meeting abstracts.

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