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David Dawson

Senior scientist at Via Innovations

David is a skilled researcher who has established himself as an expert in the field of cannabis science. David attended UC Irvine where he received his PhD in Organic Chemistry, specializing in nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling methodology. After completing his doctoral program, he began his career in cannabis as the research principal at CW Analytical, one of California’s first third-party cannabis testing laboratories. During this time, he published seminal work in the field of cannabinoid profiling of complex cannabis-infused matrices with his article “Investigation of Chocolate Matrix Interference on Cannabinoid Analytes”, which was published in the American Chemistry Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. He is a founding member of the Oakland Hyphae Scientific Advisory Committee, a community focused collective that aims to develop analytical methods for psilocybin and psilocin testing and to advance the science of entheogens. Currently, he is the senior scientist at Via Innovations, a cannabis formulation company that created nViable, a patented powdered cannabis technology capable of delivering potency and stability with strain-specific full spectrum extracts for use in a wide range of product formulations.

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