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Alisia Ratliff

Chief Executive Officer of Victus Consulting Ventures LLC.

Alisia is the CEO of Victus Consulting Ventures, a cannabis business consulting firm. With over fifteen years of experience across several industries, Alisia uses a breadth of technical knowledge to help build start-up companies, develop strategic direction, and sustain brands in new emerging markets. She has written for Analytical Cannabis since 2021.

Latest content from Alisia Ratliff

Winterization For Cannabis Extracts

This Analytical Cannabis how-to guide should help you understand the definition of winterization as it pertains to cannabis extracts and further comprehend why this process is critical in extraction of cannabinoids.


Cannabis Surfactants: Behind the Bubbles

On December 20, Alisia Ratliff, CEO of Victus Consulting Ventures, will be joining us to discuss the feasibility and application of surfactants interacting with the cannabis plant, cannabinoids and terpenoids.


Tips For Launching a Successful Cannabis Extraction Lab

A would-be extractor faces many questions when starting their cannabis extraction lab. Where am I going to set up shop? What products am I going to sell? Luckily, in this How to Guide, Alisia Ratliff, extractor and CEO of Victus Consulting Ventures, has the answers.


The Future of Sustainability in Cannabis Cultivation

What is the environmental cost of industrial cannabis cultivation? And how can it be paid back? Alisia and Christopher Ratliff of Victus Capital talk the future of cannabis sustainability.


Advances in Cannabis Cultivation

Our latest eBook, Advances in Cannabis Cultivation, offers a collection of features on some of the most important developments in cannabis and hemp cultivation, and exclusive interviews from the people making them happen.


Key Considerations in Launching a Cannabis Extraction Facility

Cannabis and hemp extraction expert Alisia Ratliff joins us to discuss major considerations, factors that are often missed, and the realities versus optimistic illusion when launching an extraction business.


Improving Solvent Recovery in Cannabis and Hemp Extraction

Alisia Ratliff, CEO of Victus Capital Ventures, distils the key points of solvent recovery in cannabis extraction.


Uncovering the Lineage of Extraction and the Future of the Craft

During this webinar, Alisia Ratliff, CEO, Victus Capital Ventures, will discuss the history of extraction and what became prominent in the industry, the most common methodologies of extraction currently used and the technical developments of each, and the future of cannabis extraction and innovative technologies.


The Risks and Rewards of Different Cannabis Separation Techniques

Alisia Ratliff, CEO of Victus Capital Ventures, explores the world of cannabis separation techniques – the good, the bad, and the expensive.