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Alexander Beadle

Science Writer

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Alexander Beadle has been working as a freelance science writer since 2017 and has covered the cannabis industry for Analytical Cannabis since 2018. He has also written for our sister publication, Technology Networks, and the cannabis industry consultant firm Prohibition Partners, among others. Alexander holds an MChem in materials chemistry from the University of St Andrews, where he won a Chemistry Purdie Scholarship and conducted research into zeolite crystal growth mechanisms and the action of single-molecule transistors.

Latest Content From Alexander Beadle

Why Canadian Cannabis Labs Are Seeking Accreditation: A Q&A With Andrew Adams

To learn more about laboratory accreditation and the current environment for testing in Canada, Analytical Cannabis spoke with Andrew Adams, president and CEO of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation.


UK Must Embrace Medicinal Cannabis, Say Experts

It is time for the UK to change its attitudes towards medicinal cannabis, according to scientific experts from Imperial College London and the London School of Economics.


THC Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer in Mice, Study Finds

The finding could have significant consequences for those with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.


Wildfires Threaten the Heartland of America’s Cannabis Industry

Major wildfires are threatening the lives and livelihoods of cannabis industry workers in California and Oregon, as both states continue to be scorched by the worst US wildfire season on record.


Hemp or Cannabis? Texas Forensic Lab Adopts New Method to Tell the Difference

Speaking to Analytical Cannabis, the scientists behind the new method explain how it is able to determine whether the THC present in tested material is above or below one percent by weight, and thus whether it is either legal hemp or illicit cannabis.


Hemp Extract Protects Bees From Pesticide Poisoning, Study Finds

An extract made from hemp may help honeybees to survive the effects of pesticide poisoning, say researchers from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland.


Hemp and CBD Businesses Are Concerned About the DEA’s New THC Rule

Many producers believe that these changes could be setting the stage for a future crackdown on the market.


Heavy Metals Found in 90 Percent of Tested Rolling Papers, Californian Study Finds

Carried out by the Californian branch of SC Labs, the investigation also found detectable amounts of pesticides in 16 percent of the samples, and five percent registered over the allowable action limits.


Moderate Cannabis Use May Still Affect Verbal Memory, Sibling Study Finds

In their new study, published in Addiction, the researchers compared data from adolescent siblings to determine the potential impact of early or frequent cannabis use on cognitive function.


Cannabis Research Has Attracted $1.56 Billion in Funding Since 2000

Under close review, analysts found that significantly more funding was given to research into the negative effects of cannabis and cannabis misuse than on its medical and therapeutic uses.