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Alexander Beadle

Science Writer

Alexander Beadle has been working as a freelance science writer since 2017 and has covered the cannabis industry for Analytical Cannabis since 2018. He has also written for our sister publication, Technology Networks, and the cannabis industry consultant firm Prohibition Partners, among others. Alexander holds a Master's in Materials Chemistry from the University of St. Andrews, where he won a Chemistry Purdie scholarship, and conducted research into zeolite crystal growth mechanisms and the action of single-molecule transistors.

Latest content from Alexander Beadle

Hemp-Fed Cows Get ‘High’, Study Finds

Dairy cows that eat a cannabinoid-rich form of silage made from industrial hemp seem to feel the high, a new study from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment suggests.


Positive Media Coverage of Cannabis Trials Could Be Influencing Placebo Effect, Study Claims

Individuals who take a placebo in cannabis-pain trials tend to report roughly the same levels of pain relief as those who receive the active cannabinoid, a new meta-analysis has found.


Alcohol Use Rises When States Legalize Cannabis, Study Finds

The implementation of recreational cannabis laws may be associated with increased alcohol use, according to a new study published in JAMA Health Forum.


Cannabis Smoke Impairs Endothelial Function Regardless of Cannabinoid Profile, Study Finds

Analytical Cannabis speaks to the researchers behind a new study that found that exposure to cannabis smoke can lead to problems with endothelial function, regardless of the marijuana's cannabinoid profile.


The Dark Side of Psychedelic Trials

Dr. Markus Roggen, president and chief science officer of Vancouver-based Delic Labs, delves into the less favorable side of psychedelic research.


The Nose Knows Which Cannabis Products Will Feel Good, Study Finds

This finding could have wide-reaching implications for public health, the researchers say, as the results appear to support a growing industry campaign to de-emphasize THC in the marketplace.


Analytical Cannabis Digest - November 2022

Download this month’s issue to learn more about some of the biggest developments in the industry.


Cannabis Consumption Rose in Medical-Only States During the Pandemic, Study Finds

Based on these findings, the researchers theorize that more restrictive frameworks for cannabis use may not be effective at preventing use during times of great stress.


Microdosing LSD Boosts the Brain’s Reward System, Study Finds

A new study has found that a single microdose of LSD can increase brain activity related to its reward system.


Just One Question Can Help Clinicians Screen for Cannabis Use Disorder, Study Claims

If you need to quickly assess whether a patient might have cannabis use disorder, ask them how often they’ve used cannabis in the past year. At least, that is the suggestion put forward in new research published this week.