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Alexander Beadle

Science Writer

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Alexander Beadle has been working as a freelance science writer since 2017 and has covered the cannabis industry for Analytical Cannabis since 2018. He has also written for our sister publication, Technology Networks, and the cannabis industry consultant firm Prohibition Partners, among others. Alexander holds an MChem in materials chemistry from the University of St Andrews, where he won a Chemistry Purdie Scholarship and conducted research into zeolite crystal growth mechanisms and the action of single-molecule transistors.

Latest Content From Alexander Beadle

More Than Half of CBG Products Are Incorrectly Labelled, Study Finds

Around 53 percent of CBG products do not contain the advertised amounts of CBG claimed on their label, a new investigation from Leafreport has found.


Scientists Discover the Origin of Cannabis’ Distinctive Skunk-like Odor

Scientists at a California-based terpene research and product development company have identified the chemicals that cause cannabis’ distinctive skunk-like aroma.


Canadian Study Finds No Increase in Traffic Accidents After Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis legalization in Canada has not led to any associated increase in the number of traffic accident injuries, a new study has found.


Cannabichromene: The Overlooked Cannabinoid

Cannabichromene (CBC) is considered one of the “big six” cannabinoids in terms of cannabis research, with studies suggesting that the cannabinoid could be used to address cancerous tumors, inflammation, and even neurological disease.


Synthetic Psilocybin Shows Promise in Phase 2 Trial For Treatment-Resistant Depression

The trial, which included results from 233 patients across 10 countries, is the largest ever randomized, controlled, double-blind psilocybin therapy study ever completed.


New Rat Study May Explain How LSD Triggers Hallucinations

Under the influence of LSD, the rats ran less and displayed less neuronal activity in their hippocampi.


Heavy Metals Can Leach into Cannabis Vape Oils and Aerosols, New Study Warns

More needs to be done to protect cannabis vape consumers from harmful contaminants, researchers say, after a new study detected dangerous heavy metals in the aerosols produced by commercially available cannabis vape products.


New Method For Testing Heavy Metals in Cannabis Vapor Published

Scientists at Medicine Creek Analytics have developed a new optimized method for collecting and analyzing heavy metal contaminants present in the aerosols produced by cannabis vape products.


Most Tested Delta-8 THC Products Are Over Legal Limit, Study Finds

The new investigation uncovered concerning levels of product mislabeling and poor testing practices within the delta-8 THC industry.


Taking a Chemistry-Led, Patient-Centric Approach to Psychedelic Medicine

Led by experienced natural products chemists, Psilera Bioscience is on a mission to create new, next-generation psychedelic medicines that can better serve patients’ needs.