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Alexander Beadle

Science Writer


Latest Content From Alexander Beadle

Alcohol-style THC Units for Cannabis Would Reduce Mental Health Risk, Say Experts

Researchers recommend cannabis be measured in units of 5 mg of THC, which is roughly on par with the amount of THC found in a small joint.


Australian Government Pledges $3 Million to Medical Cannabis Research

The multi-million-dollar grant will fund research that will investigate the therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis for treating pain and other cancer symptoms.


Don’t Use THC Vapes, Says FDA, As Lung Injury Toll Tops 1000

In light of the vaping-related lung disease outbreak across the US, the Food and Drug Administration is strengthening its consumer warnings for vape products.


Maintaining Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Lab

In the absence of federal oversight, states have produced a patchwork of regulations, where rules governing cannabis testing can differ significantly across state lines - a challenge for everyone in the industry.


Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis: What Does the Research Say?

Managing the neurological condition is a constant battle for the millions of people affected by multiple sclerosis around the world. But could cannabis be a new, effective treatment?


The US More Than Tripled Its Hemp Cultivation Land Since 2018, Report Finds

A new report details how much has changed in hemp farming in the US since the passing of the 2018 farm bill.


Researchers Uncover How CBD Moderates Side Effects of THC

CBD was already known to moderate THC's effect, but the exact mechanisms behind this protection were largely unknown, until now.


Californian Lab Secures $22 Million for New Vape Testing

The testing device is able to detect and quantify the levels of vitamin E acetate present in a vape product.


Cannabis Cultivation Facilities May Be Negatively Impacting Air Quality, Researchers Say

A new study has found "concerning" levels of biogenic volatile organic compounds at cannabis cultivation facilities.


Long-term Cannabis Users Have Higher Levels of Brain Protein Linked to Stress and Anxiety

A new study shows that long-term cannabis users have increased brain protein levels linked to stress and anxiety.