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Inside Albert Einstone’s: Los Angeles’ Multi-talented Cannabis Company

By Jack Rudd

Published: Nov 26, 2019   
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Albert Einstone’s is a fully licensed cannabis distribution, cultivation, and manufacturing facility based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2017, the company cultivates and processes cannabis for use in their own cannabis products, as well as offering a range of distribution and sales, cultivation, and manufacturing support to an extensive network of clients.

Their first product brought to market, the all-natural fiber leaf-wrapped cannabis pre-roll El Blunto, was dubbed “the Cuban cigar of cannabis” by GreenEntrepreneur. Recently, Albert Einstone’s have announced the launch of a new product offering — Simply Stoneade, a range of cannabis-infused fruit-flavored sodas made with a cannabis extract produced in-house.

To find out more about this West Hollywood cannabis company, we sat down with Noah Gilbert, director of communications at Albert Einstone’s, to discuss what life is like as a cultivator, processor, distributor, and extractor working in the Californian cannabis industry. 

Jack Rudd (JR): Not every cannabis company cultivates its own crop. How does this added control and knowledge affect the manufacturing phase?

Noah Gilbert (NG):
From the beginning, our primary goal with Albert Einstone’s (AE) was to provide our customers with an entirely controlled cannabis experience.

The landscape is plagued with products that don’t deliver a uniform product and therefore don’t deliver a uniform experience. We feel that this greatly compromises the trust you build with an end consumer. The more control we have over our cultivation process, flower, extracts, and final product, the more exacting we can be about the end-user experience. For example, as an industry, we now know that soil-grown organic cannabis has a broader cannabinoid and terpene profile.

We are always trying to increase how much control we have over our process and product. Our namesake derives from our mission to be scientific in our pursuit of the perfect, reliable cannabis experience. Our first product launch, El Blunto, was designed for the cannabis connoisseur. We hand select top-shelf full flower cannabis, break it down by hand (never ground), implement a glass-filter, and wrap in an all-natural fiber leaf. 

JR: How important is the extraction phase to a quality cannabis product?

Every part of our production process is integral. Effective and controlled extraction is crucial to not only maximize yield but to create a pure and balanced extract.

Safe extraction that doesn’t require unnecessary chemicals and promises a pure THC [extract] is an evolving science, and AE remains at the front lines of that movement. We currently work with a strategic partner that has helped up establish our unique system. 

JR: How does your location in Los Angeles affect your products? The quality of crop, availability of expertise, etc. 

Excellent question! In general, California seems to be on the front lines of many progressive movements and cannabis is certainly one of them. The fact that we have access to an enormous, very profitable market means that there is also plenty of opportunity. Cannabis-connoisseurs and professionals from all over the country flock [here] to participate in the ‘green rush’ and we are very lucky to have assembled a phenomenal team.

The budding industry in Los Angeles has enabled us to build fantastic partnerships, evolve our methodology and streamline our product lines. One of the reasons we chose to cultivate our own flower was so that we could control the quality of our crop. Being in LA gives us access to the best equipment and tools to grow crops that will best represent our goals. 

JR: Would you say your extraction process is unique? Without giving away trade secrets, could you say how?

Our extraction process is unique to match our unique goals. We are not always looking for the purest THC distillate but a well balanced full-spectrum extract. We are looking for a final product that has a sophisticated terpene and cannabinoid profile to provide the user experience we are targeting.

To do so, we use a unique fresh flash-frozen rosin extraction process and filter away the elements we don’t need. This allows us to create particular blends and deliver products that elicit specific moods. Our Simply Stoneade comes in Energy, Joy, Calm and Sleep variants. 

JR: What will be the future trends and advances of cannabis extraction and processing?

Our newest product launch, Simply Stoneade, is an all-natural THC infused lemonade which uses a nano-cannabinoid technology to shrink the size of cannabis particles, allowing for fast-acting and longer release properties. Having control over our flower, how it’s treated, THC and terpene levels, extraction process, manufacturing and even packaging allows us an understanding of our product but also a mailability that most companies lack.

Noah Gilbert, Director of Communications at Albert Einstone’s, was speaking to Jack Rudd, Editorial Director, Analytical Cannabis.

Jack Rudd

Editorial Director, Analytical Cannabis

Jack has been working in science publishing since 2015 and has been the editorial lead of Analytical Cannabis since its launch in early 2017. He holds a 1st class Bachlor's in Biological Sciences from Essex University, where he received the distinguished Eliahou Dangoor scholarship for his work. He is also a member of ASTM Committee D37 on cannabis and attends a number of annual international cannabis science conferences. Prior to the launch of Analytical Cannabis, Jack worked in editorial for our parent publication, Technology Networks, where he focused on covering developments in cancer research, genomics, and informatics.


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